Friday, August 23, 2013

How To Get A Flatter Belly

Crunches are the most popular stomach exercise that people do to get a flatter stomach.. too bad it doesn't work though.
Abdominal specific exercises tighten the muscles but because they are under a layer of fat, you can't see them and the crunches don't do anything to burn the fat off. Sure you will have a six pack, but it's forever covered with belly fat.
Getting a better stomach and seeing those abs means that you need a good workout plan designed to target body fat and help tone the entire body for a balanced, great look.
Total body is the best option because it's going to burn more body fat. Plus it is impossible to spot reduce... you can't say you want to lose abdominal fat and just lose it... your body does the picking for you. That's why it takes a specific fat burning program to help you out.
A good fat burning workout combines two elements: Muscle toning and cardio. The strength training component helps tone you, and increase your overall metabolism. Plus the more lean, sexy muscle you have the more fat you burn in a day!
The cardio works to improve your endurance and also burn calories. No you won't burn calories for hours or days after, but you will burn massive calories during the workout. But not all cardio is equal, for the best and fastest fat burning opt for interval workouts for 20-25 minutes after your strength training workouts or on your off days. Talk about big results.
Ab moves are still a good idea for the end of your workout. Add in 2-3 stomach exercises to add extra emphasis to this area since it is your area of concentration. But for the overall workout, go with big moves like squats, push-ups and lunges.

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